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About Us

Welcome to Restivia

Sham Foam is looking to be the premier suppliers/leaders of the industry maintaining high values and uncompromising Principles, our family started in the mattress business over 35 years ago and as actively engaged in the market and the most important lessons learned were to deliver a first-class customer experience, provide highest quality products and superior value with groundbreaking Ideas. We used those pillars as a foundation to build SHAM FOAM into a trustable company that always puts the customers first.

Our Employees feel always motivated to change the sleep World with better ideas 7 they are highly valued with our no discrimination policy.


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Our Passion is beyond setting records.Our mission is to give our customers the best rest everyday, between a long day of work and night. We are a team of thinkers, doer’s and creators who work day and night to provide best sleep experience to our customers as better sleep makes all the difference.


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