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  1. Durable – This is the most durable mattress in our range of online mattresses. This will provide you with perfect comfort for several time periods.
  2. Warranty – 25 Years of assured warranty on this comfy mattress.
  3. Stay sag-free – Uses high-density foam that remains sag-free even after active use.
  4. Quality Assured – Layers used in Restivia mattresses are of high quality that provides perfect comfort after your all-hard working day. This helps you to say buy to your all worries.
  5. Recommend for – This mattress is perfect for all style sleepers. For both Side sleeper and Back sleeper.
  6. Shipping – Get your comfy mattress at your doorstep in just a click. Just choose your size and thickness and enjoy your perfect good night’s sleep.
  7. Motion Isolation – Couples who share a bed should seek a mattress that reduces motion transfer. You won’t get a decent night’s sleep if you can feel your partner’s every motion as they toss and turn. Restivia Mattress reduces motion isolation.
  8. Cooling Measure – Restivia Mattress provides the best mattress company in India with 2500 air channels that have temperature-neutral technology to keep you cool & comfy. And the premium cotton Viscose cover ensures further softness and cool touch. So you sleep cool all night every night.
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Have you been looking for a quality bed that is affordable and luxurious? Sure, there are other options out there but here at Restivia, we put our focus on providing you with the best possible sleep experience. Our mattress collection includes Restivia Desire, as well as Restivia Dual Comfort, Restivia Bonnell Spring, Restivia Eco, Restivia Luxury, and many more. Restivia Desire is our top-of-the-line mattresses in terms of quality and price, also we provide 25 years of warranty on the Desire model.

Comfortable, economical, and long-lasting are three attributes that are frequently connected with Restivia Mattress and the solutions we sell, and for valid cause. We provide our consumers with quality and comfort at an incomparable price – 50% less than retail.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re searching for a good bed mattress to help you obtain a good night’s sleep. Restivia Mattress is the best mattress company in India which offers a massive choice of mattresses for all of your needs at affordable charges, eliminating the need to locate and visit a store.

Nothing says “coming home” like a comfy mattress and the promise of a peaceful sound sleep. Your comfort is our primary focus at Restivia Mattress, and we have a large selection of mattresses to meet your demands. Our Restivia Desire mattress is a fantastic combination of High Resilience foam and ultra-soft foam with heavy GSM fabric that will conform to the curves of your body and provide you with that much-needed rest after a long day. Because of its pleasant High resilient foam, our Desire mattress provides all-over body support.

High Resilience Foam

High Resilience is the high-quality foam used in Resitivia mattresses that give perfect firmness. It is springy and durable, with a high level of responsiveness. This means that it returns to shape quickly when pressure is applied and released, making it an ideal mattress for better sleep. This is great for persons who prefer their cushions to have additional bounce. High Resilience foam has an open-cell structure and is exceptionally bouncy while still providing firm support. High-resilience foam lasts a very long time before becoming softer over time.

Super Soft Foam

Our Restivia mattress features a high-density comfort layer called Super Soft Foam. Because the subsequent foam layers are somewhat firm, this very compressible layer is frequently employed at the top to offer a soft initial point of contact for the user. Super Soft Foam is typically used on mattresses as extra cushioning to reduce pressure.

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