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Restivia Dual Comfort


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  1. Usable on both sides – Medium firm on the grey side for those who prefer a firm support mattress for back pain and medium soft on the white side for those who prefer soft comfort.
  2. Mattress Thickness – If both sleepers weigh less than 80 kg and one of the sleepers weighs between 60-80 kg, then you require a mattress thickness of 6 inches (15.24 cm). If both sleepers weigh less than 60 kg, then you need the best online mattress, with a thickness of 5 inches (12.7 cm).
  3. Warranty – Our best online mattress company provides a manufacturer warranty of up to 10 Years.
  4. Direct from the Factory.
  5. High resilience foam for pressure point ease.
  6. Soft knitted and dual comfort mattress fabric for plush surface feel.


One mattress, Two different layers of comfort

The Restivia Dual Comfort Mattress offers you a choice between soft and firm sleeping surfaces, thus giving you the freedom of better sleep. No matter which side you choose, this ergonomic mattress looks after your posture by lending adequate support to your neck and back. This is the best mattress company in India for the mattress for back pain.

Are you confused to select the best mattress company in India? Then, you’re in the right place.

Restivia Mattress provides the most comfortable mattress in India as it is the best mattress company in India, which offers various varieties of comfy mattresses according to your preference. Purchase your best online mattress from us.

Dig deeper into our design.

Our Dual Comfort Mattress has been reinvented several times to transform into a mattress that works for anyone and everyone. After many foam formulation experiments, we have come up with a design that is simple yet effective. Our Dual Comfort Mattress satisfies those who desire varying levels of firmness, without investing in multiple mattresses, as it is the best mattress company in India.

Made in India with utmost care

  1. Motion Separation

Motion on one side of the mattress cannot be felt on the other.  So, it is really important that what is the most comfortable mattress for you?

  1. Hypoallergenic

It is hypoallergenic and resistant to bed bugs- best for those with sensitive skin and allergic tendencies. You’ll feel relaxed in these most comfortable mattresses.

  1. Reversible

Confused whether to go for a firm or a soft mattress? Get both with our Dual Comfort Mattress, the best online mattress company, you’ve ever seen. It is a fantastic mattress for back pain.

  1. Helps you snooze well

The two different firmness levels offer the sleeper a weather-related advantage over a comfy mattress. While the medium-firm side is perfect for winters, the medium-soft side works best for summers.

  1. Promise of superior quality

Our Comfort Mattress products are crafted to last for years. You would enjoy the services as people are likely to choose the most comfortable mattress.

  1. Highly affordable range

Light on your pocket so you can shop at ease with a comfy mattress. Enjoy the most comfortable mattress from the best mattress company in India.

  1. Perfect mattress for back pain

Give support to your body which helps you to get rid of back pain. It’s a solution mattress for back pain.

Hurry up to buy the best online mattress from us. Get your comfy mattress home from the best online mattress and enjoy a peaceful good night’s sleep.


If it’s the support you’re looking for, flip the mattress to its firm side. This side is layered with a high-density comfy mattress foam that aligns your body perfectly.


Love sinking into your mattress like it’s a cocoon? Flip the mattress to its softer side, which has a comfort layer that cushions you.

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72*30, 72*35, 72*36, 72*42, 72*48, 72*60, 72*66, 72*70, 72*72, 75*30, 75*35, 75*36, 75*42, 75*48, 75*60, 75*66, 75*70, 75*72, 78*30, 78*35, 78*36, 78*42, 78*48, 78*60, 78*66, 78*70, 78*72


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