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Restivia Fibre Pillow


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  1. Super soft:- These pillows will make you feel like you’re sleeping on clouds because they are filled with fluffy microfibre.
  2. The pillows are sent vacuum-packed :- If they seem flat, don’t be concerned. When you remove the pillows from the vacuum bag, you’ll see how magically they fluff up.
  3. Supportive :- This bed pillow’s thickness level is ideal for supporting your head and maintaining the position of your spine; it is especially comfortable for back, side, and combination sleepers, among other sleeping positions.
  4. Reduce snoring :- A body pillow also helps people with snoring and sleep problems, in addition to promoting excellent posture when sleeping. Because the tongue and soft palate might collapse and restrict the airway, back and stomach sleeping is linked to these diseases
  5. A Complete Support For Your Head And Neck :- The very plush hollow fiber used to fill the gel down substitute pillow creates a soft and comfortable pillow. It provides excellent head and neck support so that your head won’t ever sink all the way to the mattress and you can wake up without experiencing neck pain or headaches.
  6. Pillow Feel :- This feels like soft cotton. You will feel fluffiness and medium-firm while sleeping on it.
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Restivia Pillow supports your spine well while preserving its softness and bounce for a long time thanks to this ground-breaking technology. You will have a restful night’s sleep thanks to the pillow. This magic dream pillow has a filling and microfiber fill in this material that makes all the difference, which will improve your sleep quality and provide you the most comfort.

Our comfortable sleeping pillow Is The ideal sleeping friend. It is a comfortable soft standard size pillow thanks to a perfect blend of soft inside fluffy and breathable microfiber pillow and cotton fabric cover. A premium pillow that provides you with comfy sleep each night.


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