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  1. Relieves Body Pains :- Sleep on an orthopedic mattress, which has firm surfaces that help ease severe body aches.
  2. Warranty :- 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  3. Good Posture :- It straightens your spine, relieves back pain, and allows you to stand erect with better posture. These mattresses promote spine alignment, removing the sinking sensation when you return to bed after a long day at work.
  4. Anti-allergic :- The nicest thing about orthopedic mattresses is that they are anti-allergy and anti-bacterial, keeping you safe from allergies and any health problems.
  5. There is no sagging or motion transfer :- Because ortho mattresses are stiff, they do not lose their shape easily. Regardless of your body weight, an ortho foam mattress will lift you and provide a supportive sleeping experience.
  6. Keeps your spine healthy :- A stable spine is essential for staying fit and active. By extending and decompressing the spinal column, an orthopedic mattress gives the proper comfort and support to the spine.
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In their 30s and 40s, the majority of people experience body pains and localized pain. People become more prone to muscular aches, back discomfort, and shoulder issues as they age. A doctor may advise a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and, most significantly, sleeping on an orthopedic mattress.

Restivia Ortho Eco mattress brings to you the best back support solution. Back pain is becoming a common problem nowadays and the main cause is a wrong mattress. Our mattress is engineered to adjust according to your sleeping position and provides support on your pressure points, to give your back lasting relief. The mattress adjusts according to your spine so that it is comfortably supported. So, hustle through the day and sleep well through the night.  For pressure point relief this mattress comes with a core of 25mm thick PU foam and 80mm Flexi PU foam (high density) for better back support and comfort. It has a thick top 15mm soft foam layer with 8mm PU foam(HR) filling for that extra comfort. – This mattress has 2inch Soft Layer and a 4-inch ortho support sheet. Orthopedic mattresses often feature three to four layers, each having a specific purpose to aid in overall pain reduction and joint problems.

We understand that many of you prefer a firmer mattress, hence why we created the Eco Ortho Mattress. High resilience, pressure-relieving, supporting, recycled, and re-engineered soft Foam is combined with the euro top comfort layer. Restivia Ortho Eco Mattress is designed to improve spinal alignment while also providing relief from back and joint pain.

Recommended by doctor

Doctors generally recommend orthopedic mattress to recover from backache and spin issues, this is also tested by the doctor at National Health Academy

5 Zoned Orthopaedic Support

Designed to advance the most advanced back support and help with posture and spine alignment.

Soft Foam

Experience advanced pressure relief along with unmatchable plush comfort for a refreshingly peaceful sleep.

Establishment Support

The right position for firm body support to cover the reverse from curving, barring pressure make-up, and perfecting blood rotation.

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