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  1. Orthopedic Design:– The presence of multiple layers in the best ortho mattress in India creates a solid structure for your back to rest on, making this the best orthopedic mattress for people with orthopedic needs.
  2. Bonded & Convoluted Foam:–Elevate your lumbar support with the dual most comfortable mattress. This best ortho mattress in India is made from bonded and convoluted foam, your sleep just got a whole lot better.
  3. Ergonomic Support:– Being tense harms your internal systems. That is why the best orthopedic mattress has been created to gently soothe pressure points and keep you in a state of calm.
  4. Knitted Fabric Upholstery:– The knotted fabric of this best ortho mattress in India offers both. It helps to keep you cool on hot days, by promoting airflow. That is why this is the best ortho mattress in India.
  5. Top Layer:– Most memory froth mattresses aren’t orthopedic. Restivia ortho plus mattress is a mix of personal lathers which provides superior back support and ensures that no part of your body sinks in further than it needs to.
  6. Base Layer:– Best orthopedic mattress’s Responsive foam base comes with Anti-Sag technology and ensures Orthopedic support for your spine while you are sleeping, our mattress is working to ensure you are adequately supported.
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Restiva Orthopedic Mattress is the best orthopedic mattress. This is India’s most comfortable mattress. Restivia Ortho plus mattress brings to you the best back support solution. Back pain is becoming a common problem nowadays and the main cause is a wrong mattress. Restiviaortho plus mattress is engineered to adjust according to your sleeping position and supports your pressure points, to give your back lasting relief. Restiviaortho plus mattress adjusts according to your spine so that it is comfortably supported. So, hustle through the day and sleep well through the night. This is the best orthopedic mattress because it comes with a core of 25 mm thick PU foam for pressure point relief and 80 mm Flexi froth( high density) to make it the most comfortable mattress.  Restiviaortho plus mattress has a thick top 15 mm memory foam subcaste with 8 mm PU foam ( HR) filling for that excess comfort.-

We’re having a layer of 15 mm of Soft Foam 3 inches of Ortho Support Subcaste 2 inches of High Adaptability subcaste.

The mattress industry hadn’t changed in years, aside from adding new sales tricks and gimmicks. So when we started Restivia, we worked to innovate something entirely new for the industry to make the best orthopedic mattress in India. Unparalleled in comfort and support, our proprietary foam was painstakingly perfected through customer feedback to make it the best orthopedic mattress. Restivia’s most comfortable mattress is a Direct Consumer mattress brand, which has spent many years developing the best ortho mattress in India. Our prices are 50% cheaper compared to legacy brands because we sell without any middlemen like brokers or retailers. That is why it is the best orthopedic mattress. Restiviaortho plus mattress has become several people’s best choices for its super comfortability owing to the fabric cover that it has on the top. The best orthopedic mattress has an easy cleaning process without getting the foam layer wet. Many people are not aware that a foam mattress improves the body’s blood circulation at night while you sleep. The spacer fabric used in the most comfortable mattresses also facilitates a 3D airflow throughout the mattress edge, promoting better blood flow.

These best ortho mattresses in India are not that cheap from the challengers, also we distribute the product to distributors and retailers, but yes the product range is different for them to make the best mattress and utmost comfortable mattress.

Why choose Restivia Balance Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress?

Because it’s a croaker recommended Orthopedic mattress ideal for people in need of advanced and more individualized sleep support.

Suggested by doctors

Tested & recommended by the doctors at National Health Academy for its orthopedic support and numerous health benefits. For making it the best ortho mattress in India it is designed to lend the most advanced back support and help with posture and spine alignment.

Memory Foam

This best ortho mattress in India provides advanced pressure relief along with unmatchable plush comfort for a refreshingly restful sleep.

Firm Support

This best orthopedic mattress provides firm body support to protect the back from curving, eliminating pressure build-up and improving blood circulation.

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