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  1. Primary Material :- Heavy-gauge tempered steel pocket coils provide a medium-firm mattress with exceptional support and durability that is perfect for a kid’s room and family. Disinfectant Quilted fabric and Foam Encasement provide Support even on Edges
  2. Durability :- The mattress has a long lifespan. This is due to its excellent construction – it is designed to provide the same comfort level for many years.
  3. Breathable and Hygienic  :– The pocket spring mattress is 100 % breathable and hygienic.
  4. Comfort Level :- Best spring mattress for those who want Medium Firm comfort of an orthopaedic Mattress with Individual Pocket Springs for Zero Disturbance Sleep. Disinfectant Quilted fabric cover and foam layer offer top cushioning for comfort
  5. Quality Assured :- Passed 50+ tests including 60000 cycles of testing to test against Foam & Spring sagging. High-Density transition foam creates a calming and relaxing sleep environment that promotes daily freshness.
  6. Mattress Features :- Zero Partner Disturbance, Sag Resistant Pocket Spring Mattress.
  7. Warranty Period :- 5 years of trusted warranty on a pocket spring mattress.
  8. More Pocket Spring For a Better Comfort :- Hundreds of pocket springs are encased in individual pockets for the ultimate body weight distribution.
  9. No-Disturbance Technology :- Individual pocketed spring of this best spring mattress ensures high comfort and Zero motion transfer.
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Restivia’s best spring mattress by Sham Foam Pvt. Ltd. Restiva pocket spring mattress is the best online mattress because it has High Resilience foam. The individual pocket springs in the Restivia pocket spring mattress ensure that there is no motion transfer even if your companion is rolling and shifting. Restivia pocket spring mattress makes the best spring mattress by combining sophisticated spring technology with active edge support and a luxurious PU Foam comfort layer and quilt. Our Pocket-Spring Coils make you feel five-star hotel quality. Using Coils in Pocket-Spring makes it more breathable as airflow is throughout easily. It offers Great Edge Support. The pocket spring mattress’s price is cheaper than other mattresses.


– This best spring mattress is not too firm & not too soft. Just the ideal comfort and support for your body and better than others because of the pocket spring mattress price.

– Premium Foam Encasement provides Support even on Edges.

– Multiple layers of different densities of foam cradles your body while you sleep and relieve pressure points for top-notch comfort, you’ll find it hard to believe.

– High Resilience foam creates a calming and relaxing sleep environment that promotes daily freshness.

– Individual Pocket Springs layer made of tempered steel coils with no signs of sagging as the product passes multiple Quality Checks to ensure Zero Disturbance Sleep.

Restivia Pocket Spring Mattress products come directly from the Manufacturer without the Hefty Retail Markup. This best online mattress offers the same Quality & Components as top Brands.  You deserve to sleep on a mattress that is made with high-quality durable materials – because life is too short to sleep on the wrong mattress. We know each person has a Unique Sleep Style that’s why we offer choices in the best spring mattress. Shop Restivia Mattress and find exactly what you need for the whole family. We just started in 2020, but surely have an experience of 35+ years.

This best online mattress has independent Pocket Springs with high-quality manganese steel of 1.9mm that undergoes high-degree temperature heat treatment. With Higher Tensile Strength, long-term use, evenly supporting the body. It is economical because of the pocket spring mattress price.

Support Edge to Edge with Premium Foam Encasement. Individually-wrapped springs give you the right amount of edge support while sitting or laying down. Our Premium Foam encasement adds more luxury and cannot get more decadence than this.

The Independent Pocket Coils system offers Firm, Durable Support from hundreds of Independent Coils to minimize motion transfer from a sleeping partner, Quilted fabric cover and foam layer offer a layer of top cushioning for increased comfort and make it the best online mattress. If you want to purchase a good mattress at lower prices then you can purchase it because of the pocket spring mattress price.

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