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1 Durable :- Travel Flex is a long-lasting alternative for regular users because of its strong design and high-quality appearance.

2 Premium Quilted Fabric Premium Poly :- Cotton Fabric is used for ultra-comfortable sleep and is more Durable

3 Light Weight :- Easy to Handle, Can be rolled, folded easily, and designed to carry anywhere

4 Multi-Purpose Usage :- hostel mattress, mattress topper, travel mattress, yoga mat, camping, picnic & trekking companion, extra bed for guests

5 Size :- one-inch PU foam slim foldable travel mattress

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Travel flex mattresses are a luxury item that has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. An easy-to-use slimline mattress that is lightweight and portable, with many benefits and little to no drawbacks. The mattress is made from memory foam and is specially designed to fold so that it can be quickly stored away when not in use and can also be used dual-sided. The perfect partner for your yoga, and a movie night with friends.

This slim mattress is constructed of two layers of 12.5mm thick Medium Density PU Foam sandwiched between Premium Quality Polyester textiles that are entirely antibacterial.

It is soft, pleasant, and long-lasting, with a feather-like sensation.

This item is intended for multi-purpose activities such as camping, sleeping, trekking, and yoga.

This Slim Mattress is an excellent travel companion and is frequently used as a Hostel Mattress, Yoga Mat, Trekking Mattress, Picnic Mat, and Camping Bed.

The mattress may be rolled or folded in any direction and takes up minimal space. It is light and small enough to fit in a suitcase.

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